Thursday, September 2, 2010


This was posted to my Node blog but I was informed you have to be a member to read it.

Most of you are aware of what Square is or are highly pissed off that you've been waiting months to receive your dongle/card reader. For those of you who don't know what Square is, here's the run down. If you have an Android or an Iphone (I have the former) you can go to the app store/market and download the Square app....sign up here for free and Square will verify your bank account, send you a card reader and viola.... you are an instant, on the go merchant able to take cards from your phone!
I am an author and I also do tarot readings so this service is highly valuable to me. Now when I go to book signings I don't have to turn people away when they don't have cash. Best thing is, I don't have to pay a monthly fee for using Square.... which is cool for those times when I'm not selling anything!
Watch this:
"Okay Chelbie, that's great. Now what was that about people being pissed off for having to wait for months thingy about?"
Glad you asked! Well, while Square is a fantastic service, they did jump the gun a tad with their launch (they will fully admit this as well). They had people clamoring for the reader (which is free BTW) when they launched initially in March....they couldn't produce them on that big of a scale, so peeps had to wait. They fixed the reader problem by late May when I signed up, but peeps (myself included) still had to wait. Mobs were starting to gather in the forums wanting Jack on a pike. Now there was an underwriting issues and they were scrambling to get it all worked out. We were placated with "Soon" and "We're almost done." The mob was furious and now using kittens as torch fuel! *kidding* Now we were all pretty frustrated at no clear set date and vague answers, but in Square's defense, you can't give answers you don't have. The mob would have been satisfied with being able to use the app by entering in the card number, but it couldn't be fully launched without the reader *catch 22* .
I received my reader a few weeks ago and it works beautifully! Absolutely thrilled with was worth the wait. Now some are still waiting on their readers but the line is getting shorter as they're shipping them out. So as far as launching early, yeah, probably not the best idea....but they were excited and we all make mistakes right? So everyone take a deep breath and put your big boy/girl panties on, you reader is on it's way. If you haven't signed up and could use something like Square, (even for just yard sales) get to it!
Later taters!




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