Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Fever!

As of late I have been on a cooking, baking and creating frenzy. I have created dishes I've always wanted to try, most of them successful. I even have brewed up a small bottle of mead....bigger batch still needs to be brewed this weekend. I've also been drawing and writing....I know it's been a looooong time between books, but don't fret, another is coming. I'm in revamp mode and it can't be fought.

Another change is my store. I was...and still am sort of, with Etsy. My main store is going to be here for now. I have a slight problem with the way Etsy has been running things lately....resellers and copyright infringers are running rampant yet when a seller calls them out, THEY get punished not the wrong doers...WTH? I just don't feel comfortable with clique's, and that's what Etsy has become :( I have moved over to Storenvy, I also feel that I will have a lot more leeway with what I can offer for sale.

So that's what's been going have you all been?


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