Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two things...

If you're looking to switch your internet, for the love of Eddie Izzard's sacred shiny patten stilettos...DON'T go with Clear!! Why? Let me count the ways....
Even though we were well within the dark green coverage area....slow service.
Little to no Netflix or you get throttled to .25 mgb or less.
Mediocre to infuriating customer service....seriously, NOT easy to make my husband raise his voice, but alas, Clear were champions at it.
Unless you want to pay around $40 to check your e-mail and surf the internet...don't even think about being able to quickly load videos...go elsewhere. I wouldn't recommend this service to my ex-husband O_O

Anyway, rant over and Clear gone! I've been gathering together some VERY talented authors and we will have a surprise for you in the near future! I'm waiting on a few more replies and we will get going on the decision making....genre, time frame and rough idea of the direction we want to go with the project, but we will all be adding to an ongoing story! The what, when and time frame remains to be seen, but we are all pretty excited. This will be multi author and multi blog, so stay tuned for details!

Later taters!



Notelets By Design said...

LOL - If I ever have the option to get "Clear" in my service area... I'll be sure to run... far far away..


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