Saturday, June 19, 2010

Follow up

Yesterday had me stressed quite a bit..... it was mostly the comments in the forums that had me all riled up and confused. Me being me, should have known better than to listen to the hysteric masses, I usually don't fall into that trap. Not to say I'm not fallible, I'm not so brazen as to claim that, but I can usually spot that from a mile away. Thankfully the Square staff saw this and answered questions, finally.... another reason panic can get out of hand is if "mommy & daddy" don't calm the "kids".

So, that being said, it looks like the ship will sail after all once they get all the paper work in place. I am going to wait my turn in line, but Square looks like a very viable and excellent option for me at this point. If you have and Android, Iphone, Ipad or Iwhatever.... you can use this app. They are working on this option for Blackberry, so take heart.

Here's the run down that I got out of yesterday.... you sign up, activate your bank account, they will run a credit check, (to affirm that you are a meat-popcicle & not Hal 2000), they put you in queue for a reader, once you get it, activate it with the little code and you're good to go. You do have the option of opting out of the credit check, but you don't get a reader.... you can then only use the app to keep track of cash transactions.

I plan on using this for book signings and conventions... no more turning fans away because of cards. I also plan to use it to do Tarot readings on the fly *for entertainment purposes only* (legally have to add that in there). click on the word Square <~~~that one right there, to check out their website!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Sorry, but I have to get this off my chest....

I signed up for a service called Square which will allow me to take credit and debit card payments anywhere I go with my phone. As an author this is an ideal service as I had to refuse a few book sales recently because I didn't have the capability to take cards.....I had already signed up for Square at this point....let me explain. You are required to activate a card reader that attaches to your phone via headjack....hadn't received the reader yet and you can't use the service until you activate said reader. After you activate, you can THEN take payments with out the dongle (at a higher rate) but NOT until then.
Some people signed up with Square months (we're talking March & April) ago and are STILL waiting on readers...I've only been waiting since just before the Con Carolina's event. I don't mind waiting a bit because, hey, the dongle is free. My problem is I can't use the service AT ALL until they send me this damn piece of plastic....and NOW when they finally do give us an update on the slow progress of things have told us we need a credit check or we can cancel our service.... doesn't seem to be a choice. I'm pretty sure there is some sort of legal issue with changing the rules midstream but will cross that bridge when they answer the question of whether this is the case or not. A lot of people are canceling their accounts and going with other services such as GoPayment. I may have to go with them as well, but am not sure if my needs warrant a monthly $12.95 bill, (which is WAY reasonable BTW), just yet.

*sigh* I will update you all again as things progress. This is a fledgling company and the services seem awesome IF we ever get the chance to use it...but be warned....their communication is almost NON existent, save for poor Beth who has been thrown to the wolves of the CEO's making and the fact that you can't use it until you get the reader. If you're considering signing up, I would highly recommend waiting to see if this ship sinks or not, because it's REALLY iffy at this point. They launched WAY too early and are pissing off a lot of people right now.

All right I have gotten at least a satisfactory answer on the credit check issue...they always do one and have not done one on anyone yet....but at least there is not a second.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Con weekend.

I had a ball this weekend. Got to catch up with old friends and make some very cool new ones! This year I was lucky to have some physical copies of my books and sold out of them...mind you, I only had two on hand....but one of my publishers brought copies of Mating Season and I was able to sign them.
I finally got to hang out with Yvette, it was an honor meeting her. She was the first publisher (Amira press) to take a chance on me and say yes to Cold Kiss. We were seated in between Faith Hunter and Sabrina Luna. I want to send a big thank you to Faith's husband as well for his patients with my son's constant raspberries aimed toward him. Got to meet Mark Baranowski, his lovely wife Ryli and their son. Got some hang time with David Pendragon (a.k.a. Mr. Big Mamma D), James, Marcia Collette, Eliza Gayle and Rachel & Tally Johnson. Pig Bird made an appearance with his parents who are long time friends of mine....Evil Twin & her hubby Myrddin Wolfe.
The media guests were amazingly nice! I made a fool of myself with Claudia Christian...I wasn't expecting her to be standing there and I stumbled for what to say. Bill Blair is such a sweetheart and put up with me being a bit of a flirt. Richard Hatch, what can I say, really nice gentleman who let me interrupt him enjoying chocolate ice cream for a picture and a nice big squeeze. I almost made a fool out of myself here as well by not watching where I was going and tripping over Bill Blair's foot :(
I also met a really cool gentleman named Doc Geressy who, get this, drives the Ecto-3A. I'm going to go ghost hunting with him and Carolina Ghostbusters soon.
A few other cool happenings, got some hang time and panel time with Robert Aldrich....he also drew a picture for me that now hangs in my office.
I'm going to be doing a post on my author friends in the next few days because I know I'm skipping a few :(

Had a blast, miss you guys already!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Few more days!

This weekend is the Con! If you are in the Charlotte NC area please come by. I will have a few copies of the 100% American Beef Anthology on hand or if you already have your copy come by the Sugar & Spice Press table and Dahlia Rose and I would be happy to sign it for you! Sabrina Luna will also be at the Con, so you can have three of us sign them. Dahlia and Sabrina will also have their other books for sale so you should def grab some.
I'm also bringing my computer so there may be a video cast or two throughout the weekend ;) A good time will be had by all...looking forward to seeing some of our friends like Faith, Tally, David, Davey, A.J., Misty, Robert, J.F., Edmund and Allen. Check out the guest list to see who all will be there. Again, I am so STUPIDLY excited to meet Richard Hatch, the original Apollo!! I'm going to try from going all fan girl on him.
We would love to see you there!


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