Tuesday, December 22, 2009


not mine, but my friend and fellow author Charisma Knight. She is holding a contest for a beautiful ring set at Dark Diva Reviews.

Go check it out!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tips for submitting to a publisher.

1. Read ALL of that publisher's guidelines.

2. Make sure you POV (point of view) is one character per chapter and not more than three POV's in a story.

3. If you are submitting to a publisher that sells erotic books, PLEASE put sex scenes in the book!

4. Try to have someone non-biased or someone who has been in the business a while look over your manuscript.

5. Submit and then practice patience. Your's in not the only story being reviewed.

6. Do not, and I repeat DO NOT shop your book!!! Nothing is more irritating than offering a contract only to find out you were hedging your bets. It's also a good way to get yourself an automatic no the next time you submit. Also keep in mind, word gets around about that kind of behavior.

On that note, I do hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! Happy Hanukka. Happy Yule. Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanza!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sugar and Spice Press news

Update...Sugar and Spice News!! Please Read!!Share
Today at 7:34pm
Dear Valued Customers,

Due to problems, we have been forced to migrate to a new holder for our
domain. This also necessitated a new name for the Web site url. We apologize
for any inconvenience this may cause. However, please rest assured that
Sugar and Spice Press will continue to offer our customers the same quality
service and books we always have.

Please note that our new name for the Web site address, effective tomorrow
afternoon, Dec. 1, 2009, will be:


Best Regards,

Kelly Ann Pearson
Sugar and Spice Press

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ode to a turkey....

Turkey turkey, golden brown,
They chopped your head and took your crown.
Unsuspecting and innocent were you,
now I shall eat you covered in goo.
surrounded by food that you cannot eat
you shoulda been faster on your feet!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Friday, October 23, 2009

So I guess the good fortune can't last or had to be paid back in some form. I miscarried for the second time in a year the day after my last post almost losing my life in the process and this morning someone threw a mailbox post through the back of my husband's fairly new car.
I'm not going to be in the mood for posting for a while.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

National Coming Out Day!

If you have chosen today to come out, I wish you strength and peace.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Weekend to weekend

It's been a pretty fantastic week as well, why is that you ask??? Let's see, I got a netbook!!! My Uncle found a fab deal on a Dell Mini 10....he, my Aunt and parents decided to purchase it as an early Christmas present.
This comes just in time because the Valentine's Day anthology is a GO!!! Just got the word yesterday after Morgan, Dahlia, Eliza and I sat for a good few hours hammering out story lines, characters and titles. It's to be finished by the beginning of December and out by Valentine's Day. I am really VERY excited about this! Decided to leave the selkie for another story but will still contain a mermaid and a kelpie.
Been getting a good amount of work done on Cubo and can't wait to FINALLY have it finished *stupid writers block* and off to the publisher.
So, hope everyone has a great weekend! Be safe if you're out and about.

Monday, September 28, 2009

What a great weekend!

I got to hang with some of my author buddies and meet some new friends as well at the Fetish Fair. As always, the creative juices start flowing when you get authors together. I know have a plot line for the first in a series of four YA books, and have picked up a second anthology within a month. The first, which will be out in late Spring is 100% American Beef with Jordyn Tracy, Dahlia Rose, Sabrina Luna and myself. The second anthology, which will hopefully be out for early Spring is a fantasy. Kissing Tales is the tentative title with Morgan Hawke, Eliza Gale, Dahlia Rose and myself.
I'm going back to Dundee and St. Andrew's Scotland as my setting for this mermaid tale....YES, mermaid, I have been dying to do one! Mine will include Kelpies and Selkies as well.
I'm thinking "A Ripple in The Water" as the title...whatcha think?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Contest!

Your taste caresses my lips like a lover
Beckons me to drink more of your bold rich taste
Your scent stimulates my senses and I shiver with delight
Oh Coffee how you tempt me so!
Do you love coffee as much as we do?
As an author our day starts out with a hot cup of our favorite brew!
And why shouldn't our favorite drink have a sexy face to go along with it?
Enters our sexy Mr. Coffee
Wait we don't have one yet..so its up to you to pick him!
Help Dahlia Rose, Jordyn Tracey and Dorian Wallace pick...
Their unofficial yet honorary Mr. Coffee!!
How do you enter?
Well that's easy!
Send us a picture of the guy you think should be Mr. Coffee
He could be anyone, your hubby, your boyfriend, your favorite movie star or just a fantasy man!
Send to Dahliarose29@aol.com
and our panel of Judges will Pick the final three!
When this happens you get to vote on who should be Mr. Coffee.
The winner with the best picture will receive ...
A gift basket filled with coffee surprises, autographed books and so much more!
First round pick will be announced October 18th!
After voting...
The winner will be named October 31st !
Let the games begin!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

One Year!

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the release of my first book Cold Kiss. In honor of that I am giving away an e-copy; Follow me on Twitter and @Dorianwallace "Happy Anniversary!" I will DM the winner tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Just started following lenovosocial on Twitter for a chance to win a netbook. I've just done a quick search on reviews for this brand and they seem mixed....some say slow, others say great all ways around. I think they have the look I'm looking for...really like the white, blue & white and red & white. Most of the other brands out there have a color and then the black keyboard. But this is going to be for my writing and internet...since I am going to be in a Dr's office quite frequently over the next 8-9 months, this would be great to take with me and write while in the waiting room...cause you know there is going to be A LOT of waiting, LOL.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!!! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Dahlia Rose has that song stuck in my head this week....SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION...well, next week. There has definitely been a lot going on this Summer between writing, anniversaries, birthdays, relatives visiting and finding out we are expecting another bundle of joy in April on my husbands birthday. (Hoping for a girl, but will be happy with a healthy baby of either gender).
I am ready for Fall! Then again, I'm always ready for Fall again halfway through Winter. I am ready to come alive again....I become very grumpy and mostly immobile during the hot oppressive Summer months. Another yey with this pregnancy, my last trimester will be in the Spring! The boys are Aug. and Sept.
So, before I go back to writing, I would like to take a moment to give a shout out to teachers and to bus drivers. I don't think I know anyone who doesn't admire teachers and all they do for us and our children, but bus drivers cart our little heathen back and forth everyday.....thankfully safely most times. So, as the mother of a bus rider, thank you!
So now back to writing....oh, on a side note, Mating Season got another review....http://manicreaders.com/index.cfm?disp=reviews&bookid=3847...Unfortunatly she didn't like my contribution too much, LOL. Hey, I've been pretty lucky in the review department, not everyone is going to like my stories. I'm really wondering how in the world she couldn't understand the setting and time line though, it was pretty cut and dry.
I'll be back as soon as I'm done with Cubo.....the book that will not end! LOL :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mini laptops/netbooks

Here is my dilemma, DH and I share a laptop....when he gets home, I stop my writing and relinquish control over our "third child". My choices are to write on paper, which is fine for the most part, or wait until he is done....leaving me up till sometimes 2 in the morning writing.
I am considering a mini because it's light weight and easily portable....I can put it on the kitchen counter and use it while I'm waiting for the sauce to boil or stick it in my purse and use it at...well, anywhere I want really. The one I have my eye on at the moment is the Acer Aspire One in Sapphire blue w/ Linux....but I have questions, maybe you can help....I would certainly appreciate any advice.

A. Are mini's a good thing for writers?

B. Will Linux interfere with how I send my manuscripts to my publishers?

C. Do any of you have one or would recommend a different mini?

Inquiring minds want to know....HALP! ;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Night Owl Romance...

Review.... 4.75 out of 5 hearts!! Read entire review here.

From Danni
I enjoy reading anthologies because it gives me a chance to try new to me authors. And Mating Season is a well-rounded anthology because it offers a little bit of everything for everyone – shape shifters, contemporary, interracial and paranormal stories. The stories take readers on a journey with forbidden lovers, life lessons, shapeshifters and hot, steamy, erotic sex. With most anthologies there are usually one or two stories that stick out above the rest. I am happy to say that this was not the case for this book. All of the stories were excellent. I would definitely be reading this anthology again and will be on the look out for more stories from each of these authors.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Home stretch

I love when I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with a book and this one seems to be sewing itself up pretty nicely. I have filled in some of the gaps that I was worried about over the weekend.

After I finish up Cubo, I really need to have a girls day and shift out of Mom mode for a night ;) Then it will be onto the sequel for A Hare's Breadth....still debating weather I'm going to finish up the story or leave it open for a third (even though I haven't written one word for it yet). Still playing around with titles for it as well.

I'm really excited about getting Cubo out there though. My poor husband made the mistake of stopping for two seconds just as I finished a good chapter and I talked his ear off about it for a good half hour. That will teach him to ask me how it's going! :)

So back to it, fingers crossed for a Wed finish!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Cerebral Reviews the new Mrs. Giggles???

I'm all for honest reviews, but WOW seems like this site was just started so they can feel above any author that DARE send their book in. This strikes me as an excuse to be a grammar natzi and tear down authors and publishers that they don't care for.

Needless to say, I will not be sending any of my books to them and would caution other authors to think about it before they send in as well.

I did some investigating because the blatant venom and favoritism was bothering me. I have figured out who one of the "reviewers" is, (will not name)....but shame on them for skimming through 2 books (they admitted it) and then condemning a publisher! That's someone's livelihood you're messing with because one of the authors pen names is too similar. You're messing with MY livelihood because I have a book coming out with them in Aug. I'm telling you right now, you don't try to take food out of my kids mouths and not have me get upset.
Hey, no problem on having to read books from Sugar and Spice....or Amira Press, Mojo Castle, Kensington, Phaze, Ellora's Cave or some of the other publisher's that my writer friends have books with.
End of rant.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weird week

Last week was a doozy was it not? Not only did we loose quite a few celebrities, I read about quite a few Face Book friends loosing loved ones and friends. Such a sad time in a lot of lives and that was on top of what's going on in Iran. I am going to keep my politics to a minimum however.
It seems the muses are working over time....most of my writer friends and myself have been finishing stories and coming up with new ideas left and right. I am finishing up Cubo, very excited that this will be my first print book. Also have added to my list of projects! The sequel to A Hare's Breadth will be a stand alone book and not part of Amira's Fall anthology; I am creating a young adult spin-off from that for Sugar&Spice AND I have another young adult story in the works. This is on top of the other books I have on the back burner. I am so thankful and grateful that most of those books have homes to go to and that ideas keep coming. I am also thankful for all of the wonderfully talented friends I have....I got a chance this past Sat to bounce ideas with Dahlia Rose and Morgan Hawke; two ladies that I love dearly. We had so much fun in fact that we are going to be setting up a small writers get together for a chit chat/ bouncing session. Should be fun!
Well, I am off to write so that I can get this finished and into your hands! I'll post a little teaser soon.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

First review for Mating Season.

Rating: 5 Cups

No Place to Run

Lin Chen is on the run in a futile effort to save her family from her ex-husband's wrath. Caught by a snowstorm in a foreign land she finds her way to Prairie Knights Casino and Resort and Kyle.

Kyle has unexplained powers. He is determined to save Lin Chen from the man who abused her no matter the cost.

Kyle just may have what it takes to save Lin once and for all. Lin must choose to believe in him and stand and fight the enemy that is far stronger than she could ever imagine.

Regina Paul is an outstanding writer who takes the time to round out a story. Never leaving the reader wondering how or why something occurred. No Place to Run showcases this talent to the extreme.

Flights of Fancy

Fancy McKee has lived under the shadow of her mother’s reputation for many years. Accustomed to what people think of her she opens her own unique bakery regardless of the town’s opinion.

Business was good but Tate Hildebrandt is better. Tate has no cares regarding the opinions of a narrow-minded town and he is determined he will be the last man for Fancy.

Fancy will have to prove that she is better than the gossip in order to hang on to her man. Tate will not stand for anything less than total commitment.

Fancy is such a sweet but realistic character. Dahlia Rose takes on the subject of gossip with great skill and knowledge demonstrating how gossip should not dictate the path of life. Flights of Fancy is an outstandingly written story which inspires the reader to stand up for the underdog.

Midnight Shift

Lori and Chase are forbidden lovers. He is a shape-shifter and she is a human as well as the daughter of the biggest anti-shifter rights political activist.

Just when they have determined that they will become secret lovers her father has pushed through a law that makes it illegal for them to be together.

Unable to marry, have babies, or even be intimate they have decided to live in the wild outside the bounds of civilization.

The characters and storyline are unique but closer to the realities of the acceptance of paranormal beings in mainstream society. Brenda Steele skillfully ended the story so that although I was left wanting to know the rest of the story; I felt no disappointment in the ending.

A Hare’s Breadth

Robin is a shape-shifter who had despaired of ever meeting her mate. That is until she sees Vincenzo performing with his family.

Vincenzo has a secret that may prevent them from ever being together. He is on the run from an enemy who will never give up.

Each have their own unique power but combined they still may not be enough to vanquish the evil determined to keep them apart.

The shape-shifters in this story are fascinating because they are able to shift into animals you will not normally find in shifter stories. The ability to become transparent was a truly inspirational slant to such a common subject in today’s market.

Mating Season is a well rounded anthology. There is a little of everything for everyone’s taste; life lessons, shape-shifter, forbidden lovers, and panty wetting sex. All of the stories are worthy of high praise. By themselves the stories are outstanding and together they make the book a keeper.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Can also read here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

4/3 years tomorrow!

June 12th 2005 was our first date. June 12th 2006 was our wedding day. I feel like I've known him all my life and some day's I find a new surprise in his gray eyes...or blue or green, depending on his mood. I love him immensely, irrevocably and immeasurably. He makes me strive to be a better person but accepts me as I am. Everyone deserves to find their puzzle piece....to my partner, my best friend, the father of my children, my husband....Je t'aime avec tout mon coeur.

Happy Anniversary Ashley!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Catching up....sorry I've been so silent!

Con Carolinas was a blast. I really enjoyed meeting everyone; authors, vendors, patrons, Klingons, Storm troopers, faires, vampires and old friends! I have pictures posted on my Facebook and Myspace pages, so be sure to check them out :)

I got a chance to do my first panels with some wonderfully talented authors and even be serenaded with a rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody by formerly mentioned Klingons!

I have a time frame for Cubo, it should be out the second week in August! Excited about that!! Also, sugarandspicepress.net has just started a young adult line and are looking for submissions....go check it out. I have been wanting to take the younger characters from A Hare's Breadth and give them their own (non erotic) stories. I need your help though, since it is going to be another genre/ age category (still paranormal)should I go with another pen name????

I will expand on everything soon but for now I have to go grab Morgan for coffee time. Please let me know what you think.

Later taters!

Friday, May 29, 2009

This weekend!

Come meet me at Con Carolina's! There will be a few other Sugar & Spice authors popping in at the table as well....Kaya Cassan, author of Accidental Bitch and Regina Riley, author of Epiphany and Burn.
And our wonderful publisher and fellow author, Dahlia Rose, will be coming by as well!

I'll most likely be Tweeting throughout the day....come follow me!

Hope to see you guys there.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


When I checked earlier, Mating Season was on Amirapress.com's best seller's list!!! Thank you to all the readers for making that possible, let's keep it going!

Right now I have two songs running through my head....
First, because I use a pen name and it's kind of apropos aside from being an awesome song...
That's not my name.

Second is a my ringtone on a friend's phone (whom I love dearly and consider a sister)
Poker face.
Cracks me up, those dogs are bigger than she is....even those I'm only two inches taller than she is....yeah, an amazon, I am not (5'3"), I find it funny and kind of cute.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting excited!

Only two more weeks until Con Carolina's!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I received my Blu Cigarette in the mail today. So far I am loving it!!! My lungs are already feeling better, I don't stink, I can lay on my bed and "smoke" or rather, what the kiddies are calling it, Vape. In fact, I just took a drag as I'm writing.
Here's my run down....
I smoke menthol, this is a bit sweeter than what I'm used to but comparable enough to suffice. Haven't tried the other flavors yet (Java, Vanilla, Cherry).
The drag/ vapor is almost the same as a regular cig; you even get the warm sensation that a traditional cigarette gives off, to a slightly lesser degree. You can even blow smoke rings if you're so inclined, or unlike myself, capable of!
I like the fact that you don't have to consume an entire cigarette to get your fix.You can take a quick drag and stick it back in your pocket or put it down.
I used it in the grocery store!!!
I used it while laying on the bed talking to...Dahila, Rochelle and my parents!!!

I must say I am certainly impressed! The benefits certainly outweigh the negatives (it's a bit heavier in weight and it's not a cigarette).

Weird synchronicity; I bought this on Sat, my friend Rochelle bought one today...we had been talking about it and wondering weather to bring it up to Morgan because she smokes cloves and we hadn't seen that flavor. Well, Ro calls me up this evening to inform me that Morgan bought one on Sat (different brand) and that they both love it...she got the chocolate flavor. We all used to be neighbors until hubby and I bought the house...Ro and Morgan still live there...we're all witches as well and I tell you when the three of us get together powerful things happen. Once Dahlia has her little boy, all four of us need to get together to see what happens!!

So....anyway....if you're looking to quit but can't....I highly suggest purchasing an electronic cigarette. Mine is from here... http://bluecigs.com/ but do your research, there are plenty of brands out there. I like the look and feel of Blu, I got the black one...it's a little shorter than a 100 sized cig but slightly longer than a king.

So yeah...I'm off. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mating Season

Was released on Friday...sorry I didn't update you all but it has been a crazy week and a half! If you click on the cover to the right it will take you to the purchase link. I am so excited about A Hare's Breadth and am proud of my work on it! Here is my excerpt.
In other news....some of you may know that I am a smoker and I have been struggling to quit for quite some time now to no avail. A friend posted a link that I'm hoping will be the answer or at least temporary solution to my problem...http://bluecigs.com/
I had NO clue things like this existed! My problem is the act of smoking and nicotine addiction therefore the patch and cold turkey did not work! This product looks like it will satisfy both of those "needs" and without the carcinogens that are so terrible for myself and anyone around me. Don't get me wrong....I DO NOT smoke in my house, I have children and even if I didn't, that smell lingers and gets into everything. I am tired of that smell being on me and my clothes. I am tired of the ashtray. I am tired of the coughing. I am tired of being out of breath. I am tired of the cost.I am tired of the stigma and dirty looks. I am tired of being a smoker....but I don't have the willpower to quit. I am hoping this will help and from all the youtube videos about electronic cigarettes and information I have seen this looks like a promising alternative.
I placed my order on Saturday and am expecting it to come sometime this week. I will keep you all up to date on my progress!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's 2am...

Why are my eyes still open? Partially because I know I have to be somewhere in the morning (Aunt& Uncle are visiting and at my parents house) and partially because it's been a busy day. Dropped the 11 year old off at Aunt Dahlia's for a sleepover and picked up books and supplies for Con Carolinas at the end of the month. I realized when I was picking up lunch for hubby and myself that I was supposed to attend the NCPCOW Beltaine Brouhaha and forgot about it!! Quickly ate lunch and then headed to King's Mountain to at least say hi and I was determined to get there this year! I attended and helped out with the first year they were at KM and every year since something has happened to keep me from going. This year...again, the rain was POURING down to the point of not being able to drive, and getting lost....but I made it...I think the curse of being kept from the event has been lifted. It was wonderful catching up with friends. Then this evening was the Hatton/ Pacquiao fight....OMG...I, well, for those of you who haven't seen it, I won't ruin it...just suffice to say I was shocked in ways I didn't think I would be.
Also today, hubby found a few links about Y The Last Man (one of my fav comic books) being made into a movie...I sent a tweet to Joe Hill (yes, JOE HILL) about it, because he's a fan of Y as well, and he said he hand't heard about it being in production (Thank you humbly Joe for answering me). Half of me is relieved at this because I'm not too sure about Shia Lebouf playing Yorick nor DJ Caruso directing it, and the other half wants to see it on celluloid. If this is not done right there will be rioting!
I'm now nursing my second Bacardi and Pepsi...which I enjoy but wonder if they're not counter productive with the caffeine and alcohol mixture....I was hoping it would knock me out by now. No, I'm going to go outside and have another cig and talk to the hoot owl that roosting across the street talking to his/her brethren...yes, I talk to animals...sometimes they answer me back...my sanity is subject to the reader, either way, I'm going to do what I do and enjoy the hell out of life!

Bright Blessings to you all!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Friday

I was asked today by a gentleman on Twitter, of which I am addicted, if I ever have to do research for my books. The answer for me, and any author who wants to continue selling books, is yes. I do a lot of research to make my story not only factual and accurate but to prevent myself from looking silly. There will ALWAYS be a reader out there who is more versed on a subject or location than I am, it's just the way life is. To prevent readers from being offended by inaccuracies, I do my homework. In fact, I do almost as much homework as Morgan Hawke does...that woman is a walking encyclopedia. I'm not kidding about that; I called her for her birthday and she explained Japanese culture in it's entirety to me!

My books so far have been located in Dundee Scotland and even though my family is from there and I've been there once, I still do research on the area, (as pointed out in a previous post). For A Hare's Breadth, I did research on Poveglia Island in Italy. Research often inspires how your story unfolds so it's good in more ways than one. For the second half of HB, which is tentatively titled Poveglia and will be in the Amira Press Fall anthology, I am in contact with a gentleman who has actually been there with his wife.

Alright, back to work!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My first Interview

I had forgotten to post it here.... Whohub

Well, I have finished the line edits on A Hare's Breadth and sent them to my publisher. Right now, Mating Season, (the anthology that includes A Hare's Breadth), is set for release next Friday....May 8th!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Coming next week!!

Epiphany by Regina Riley
Release date; May 2, 2009

Chloe Bright suspects that her twenty-ninth birthday will be just another ordinary boring day, in her ordinary boring life. But she discovers that her roommate has moved out without warning, the library she works at is closing, and her parents tell her she’s adopted. Just when she thought her life couldn’t get any worse, a new roommate moves in, bringing a bizarre world of trouble with her. This sexy seductress reveals that Chloe is a nymph, with the power to bring a life changing epiphany to anyone she sleeps with. Can Chloe balance her new found purpose with her over-amorous roommate, and still save her only source of real world income without losing her mind?

Epiphany is a funny, sexy, magical story and Miss Riley's pen is as sharp as her wit! I thoroughly enjoyed watching Chloe blossom under the guidance of her unexpected tutor; going from a timid heartbroken girl into an in control woman of great power.
For a debut novel, I have to say Miss Riley is off to a running start and I can't wait to see what she gifts us with next. I am definitely a fan for life.

You can also purchase a copy of Regina's short, Burn out now from Sugar and Spice Press.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quiet on the set!

At least that's what I wish I could yell sometimes. I wish I could just take my laptop up to my office with a pack of cigarettes and a cup of coffee or glass of wine and just write! So what's the problem? My two year old would destroy the house, I don't smoke in the house and being tipsy in the middle of the afternoon would be very irresponsible, fun, but irresponsible.
So, I write when I can. I write during naps, in the morning before souls are stirring, in between "no don't touch that, put that down and get off the stairs!" When hubby is on the computer, I write on paper....I take my composition book and my cigarettes outside and write when I can. Truth is, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Some of my best stuff comes while making dinner.
Right now I'm waiting for my edits on A Hare's Breadth. It should be done by the end of April so it'll be a May release. I've also added three more books to what I'm working on...Faire, Norwegian Wood and King of Wands. Yes I am insane! After those and Cubo are done I'll start on my sequels to Cold Kiss and A Hare's Breadth.
This year is going to be an exciting and busy one for me.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


On the run from a murderous uncle, Katie Beaumont married outlaw Ben Cready the day before he was supposed to hang. They shared one night of explosive passion and for six months, she'd believed herself a widow. Now Ben is back to claim what's his, and that includes the sweet bride he'd never been able to forget.

Redemption had me hooked from the get go with Katie being scared by her supposedly dead husband. She saw him last at a gallows and here he is standing in her kitchen. Ben has a sweet hardness to him that compliments Katie’s shy but determined demeanor. Watching these two married strangers become accustomed to each other, falling in love in between very hot lovemaking sessions made this book a fantastic read. Ms. Jaime created the perfect romantic western in my opinion!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Happy Ostara to my Pagan friends!
I finished A Hare's Breadth this week, sent it in and signed my contracts....here is my blurb...

As part of a shape shifting family and having a witch as her best friend, Robin’s life is by no
means normal. Things are about to take an exciting yet dangerous twist when a band of Italian gypsies make their way into her life and her heart. Will the man that saved her from being killed bring Robin more peril and heartache than he intends; tearing them apart or cementing them together forever?....

This may be edited a bit :)
As far as I know Mating Season will be an April release. I took a few days break and have already started working on Cubo again. I would like to have it done and published before Con Carloinas in May......keep your fingers crossed for me that I get it done! I'm hosting a table for Sugar and Spice Press this year and would like to have a book with them to promote!
I'm still in talks but S&SP special guests for the Con may include Tonia Brown, author of "Epiphany" (due for a late Spring release) and Kaya Cassan author of "Accidental Bitch". Fellow Amira Press authors Sabrina Luna and Crymsyn Heart will be there as well, selling books and signing autographs. Con Carolias will be held at Hilton Charlotte University Place May 29th through the 31st....if you're in the area please stop by and say hi!

Friday, March 13, 2009

As promised

I am so excited to show off the new cover! I am currently wrapping up the ending to make it a happier one. I misunderstood what my publisher meant by open ended and left the story in a less than desirable state. That's all that I'll mention about the subject, you'll have to just grab a copy for yourself when it comes out ;)
As soon as I'm able, meaning after everything is edited and contracts signed, I will post an excerpt to wet your appetite!

In other news, my 2 1/2 yr old is getting a big boy bed tomorrow! We got an Ikea FINALLY, so I am going to introduce my husband to the wonder that is one of the most awesome stores in the world! Not looking forward to the weather, (rainy), but it's been weird the past month. We got snow last Sunday, Thursday it was in the upper 70's and today was in the 40's. PICK A SEASON ALREADY!!! Mind you, I prefer it colder as I am NO fan of Summer here on the East coast.....feeling like I'm breathing through a hot wet wash cloth is not my cup of tea. Minus the bugs, yeah, I'm ready for Spring. Anyway, didn't mean for that to turn into a semi rant....it's late, I should be sleeping...oh yeah, there is a reason for the rant...for the past two nights we've been kept up by a sick child! So thus....screw you weather, you're fired! LOL, I take it in stride because what other choice do I have ;)
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well, with the first leg of it, still have edits to go. I finished A Hare's Breadth last night and I am much more relaxed today. Now I can go ahead and get a few reviews done, one that is over due. I am also very excited for Watchmen coming out this weekend!!

I think you guys are going to enjoy HB, I have it set in Dundee Scotland like I had Cold Kiss. I got to thinking as I was writing the other day, maybe readers would like to see where I'm talking about in the book. I'm going to post some links if you would like to see.
Places mentioned in my books....

Dundee, Scott Monument, WellGate, Rancho Pancho, The Mercantile Bar, St. Andrews Sea Life Centre, Olympia Swim Centre, Law Hill, Monikie Park, and Camperdown Park.

I'll be posting the new cover soon!

Friday, January 30, 2009

So soon?

Yes, I'm back already and with exciting news....I got another review of Cold Kiss last night and am VERY happy the reviewer liked it! Wow, to be compared with an awesome graphic novel (which I am a HUGE fan of comics) turned film, Wanted !!

here's the review.

Woo Hoo! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Still working on "A Hare's Breadth" for the Amirapress Spring anthology titled "Mating Season". It's a story about two shapeshifting clans, one Scottish and one Italian, set in Scotland. I'm honored to have my name along side Dahlia Rose, Brenda Steele and Regina Paul for this project. I just revamped chapter 1 because I didn't like the way the story started out and am very excited with the direction it's taking now....hopefully you will all like it as well. As soon as the cover art is done and I get a copy I will put it up for you to see.
As soon as HB is done I will be finishing work on another book entitled "Cubo" (latin for I lie) about an Incubus, this one will be set here in Charlotte NC. I'm in talks with Sugarandspicepress for release of "Cubo", I'll keep you guys updated.
Projects for the near future after these are a sequel to Cold Kiss another book tentativly entitled "Troll" and a possible series for "A Hare's Breadth".
So, I'm going back to work!


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