Friday, March 13, 2009

As promised

I am so excited to show off the new cover! I am currently wrapping up the ending to make it a happier one. I misunderstood what my publisher meant by open ended and left the story in a less than desirable state. That's all that I'll mention about the subject, you'll have to just grab a copy for yourself when it comes out ;)
As soon as I'm able, meaning after everything is edited and contracts signed, I will post an excerpt to wet your appetite!

In other news, my 2 1/2 yr old is getting a big boy bed tomorrow! We got an Ikea FINALLY, so I am going to introduce my husband to the wonder that is one of the most awesome stores in the world! Not looking forward to the weather, (rainy), but it's been weird the past month. We got snow last Sunday, Thursday it was in the upper 70's and today was in the 40's. PICK A SEASON ALREADY!!! Mind you, I prefer it colder as I am NO fan of Summer here on the East coast.....feeling like I'm breathing through a hot wet wash cloth is not my cup of tea. Minus the bugs, yeah, I'm ready for Spring. Anyway, didn't mean for that to turn into a semi's late, I should be sleeping...oh yeah, there is a reason for the rant...for the past two nights we've been kept up by a sick child! So thus....screw you weather, you're fired! LOL, I take it in stride because what other choice do I have ;)
Hope you all have a great weekend!




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