Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well, with the first leg of it, still have edits to go. I finished A Hare's Breadth last night and I am much more relaxed today. Now I can go ahead and get a few reviews done, one that is over due. I am also very excited for Watchmen coming out this weekend!!

I think you guys are going to enjoy HB, I have it set in Dundee Scotland like I had Cold Kiss. I got to thinking as I was writing the other day, maybe readers would like to see where I'm talking about in the book. I'm going to post some links if you would like to see.
Places mentioned in my books....

Dundee, Scott Monument, WellGate, Rancho Pancho, The Mercantile Bar, St. Andrews Sea Life Centre, Olympia Swim Centre, Law Hill, Monikie Park, and Camperdown Park.

I'll be posting the new cover soon!




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