Monday, June 7, 2010

Con weekend.

I had a ball this weekend. Got to catch up with old friends and make some very cool new ones! This year I was lucky to have some physical copies of my books and sold out of them...mind you, I only had two on hand....but one of my publishers brought copies of Mating Season and I was able to sign them.
I finally got to hang out with Yvette, it was an honor meeting her. She was the first publisher (Amira press) to take a chance on me and say yes to Cold Kiss. We were seated in between Faith Hunter and Sabrina Luna. I want to send a big thank you to Faith's husband as well for his patients with my son's constant raspberries aimed toward him. Got to meet Mark Baranowski, his lovely wife Ryli and their son. Got some hang time with David Pendragon (a.k.a. Mr. Big Mamma D), James, Marcia Collette, Eliza Gayle and Rachel & Tally Johnson. Pig Bird made an appearance with his parents who are long time friends of mine....Evil Twin & her hubby Myrddin Wolfe.
The media guests were amazingly nice! I made a fool of myself with Claudia Christian...I wasn't expecting her to be standing there and I stumbled for what to say. Bill Blair is such a sweetheart and put up with me being a bit of a flirt. Richard Hatch, what can I say, really nice gentleman who let me interrupt him enjoying chocolate ice cream for a picture and a nice big squeeze. I almost made a fool out of myself here as well by not watching where I was going and tripping over Bill Blair's foot :(
I also met a really cool gentleman named Doc Geressy who, get this, drives the Ecto-3A. I'm going to go ghost hunting with him and Carolina Ghostbusters soon.
A few other cool happenings, got some hang time and panel time with Robert Aldrich....he also drew a picture for me that now hangs in my office.
I'm going to be doing a post on my author friends in the next few days because I know I'm skipping a few :(

Had a blast, miss you guys already!




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