Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The big garden spider had just finished reworking her web when a green grasshopper became ensnared and messed it all up again. I was sitting next to the girl and we both watched as this beautiful, deadly creature quickly wrapped her victim up for dinner. It was like a split second ballet.

"Calliope," the man in the white coats voice had halted the girls humming. "It's time to go dear."

She turned and set her big grey eyes upon him and cocked her head slightly. "Go?"

"Yes." He replied, holding his hand out to her. "We're going to take you someplace safe."

Calliope looked at the outstretched hand and smiled. "Oh, I'm afraid I'm not allowed out of the house. Sister would be simply furious," Her eyes returned to meet his and she smiled sweetly, "but thank you." She turned back to watching the spider and resumed humming Green Sleeves.



E. Jamie said...

Loved it, but should it feel creepy? (laughs) I'm torn between creepy and sad!

Author Dorian Wallace said...

Thank you. I'm glad you said that because, yes, it's a very creepy and twisted story. There will be a few sex scenes, but this is definitely not a romance :)


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