Saturday, September 17, 2011


I could live here NO problem! Boston is amazing, so many fabulous restaurants, you can get almost anywhere you want within 20-30 mins and the people are SO nice! My husband and I stopped at a bar called The Plough and Stars in Cambridge (FAB place) and the bartender said that Boston had been voted the meanest city in the US. I ain't buying it, haven't run into a single mean soul yet.

The food, OMG, the food is out of this world! Let me see if I can remember them all...if not there will be another post. Tico was our first stop... Blood orange margaritas to start. Ash had a salmon tartare and fish tacos. I had a mushroom quesadilla with black truffle salsa, it was heavenly! We had lobster rolls at Morse Fish Company in South End. Been there over a hundred years and serves the best damn lobster rolls around at a reasonable price!

Enough about the food just now, I have gotten to hop the commuter train TWICE over to Salem. I honestly never thought I would get the chance to go once.

I had stopped writing this and saved it as a draft....I will do a second half, but I felt this needed to FINALLY be published.



Carolyn Hughey said...

I love Boston too. It's such an upbeat place to visit and I've never found anyone I'd classify as mean either. I guess it's just the label given to us east coasters. Sigh! We're so misunderstood. LOL

Did you visit Faneuill Hall Marketplace? You don't want to miss it because it's awesome. And an absolute must is Filene's Basement. So fun!

You mentioned Salem so you must be visiting the witch museum. Those poor woman. :-(

Enjoy your stay. I'll be looking for updates.

Author Dorian Wallace said...

I am trying to manifest a way to move to Boston or Salem! I love MA!

We did. It was SO crowded but when were were up there...the end of July, I'm very late with this was the hottest weekend of the year. We didn't go to Filine's Basement :(

Salem is amazing! The first time I got off the train was a bit overwhelming though....I had to call my friend/Sister because I started crying. I didn't get into the museum, but I did make it to the graveyard and most of the lovely witch shops.

I really wish I was still up there, but I will be updating with the second half soon :)


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