Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone is enjoying their Halloween weekend so far. This is my favorite time of year! I have a little treat for you in honor of my favorite holiday:

Eris finally spotted Karen on the third floor, the children's wing walking with a young woman. Now to get her alone. She watched as her shapely body moved beneath her candy striper uniform. She was the epitome of what every guy wanted and that infuriated Eris. What chance did she have to win Billy's love back if she was still in the picture? Any doubt of what she was about to do dissipated with each swing of this bitches perfect hips.

She grabbed a nearby wheelchair and caught up to her. “Excuse me miss.”

They both turned to face her. Karen was beautiful. Almond shaped green eyes, silky blond hair, flawless skin and a smile that belonged on the cover of a magazine. “Yes,” they both answered.

Eris tried to hide a sneer and then remembered she had put on a face mask. “You,” she pointed at Karen, “would you mind helping me with a patient?”

Her smiled widened, “Oh, of course,” She looked at the other girl, “I'll catch up with you at lunch.”

She wanted to punch her but instead started down the hall with the wheelchair. She looked at each door hoping for a quiet room thinking she really should have planned this part ahead. Well past the nurses station and in an empty section she spotted the word coma on a paper taped below the room number. “Here.” She pushed the chair up to the child's bed and surveyed the room for any visitors. No one.

“Aw, poor little Bobby. He's been like this for almost a month now.” She moved closer to the bed and grabbed the little boys hand. “His Father was driving drunk, barely got a scratch on him too, the bastard.”

Eris reached into her pocket and palmed the syringe but stopped when Karen turned back to her.

“You're not going to be able to take him with the wheelchair.” She frowned slightly. “What is he having done?”

“Oh, an MRI. You're right, let me go get a bed.” As soon as Karen leaned back over the boy she sprang. Grabbed the needle, stabbed it into the girls neck and pushed the plunger as hard as she could.

“Hey! What are you...” She couldn't finish and her eyes rolled upward.

Eris caught her, heart pounding so loud she swore the nurses would hear her and come running. She quickly sat her in the chair and started taking off her shoes. The gown she had stashed under her white coat was placed over Karen's limp body and her feet propped up on the cold footrests.

“What's wrong with her?” Bobby had regained consciousness.

Eris' heart leapt to her throat. “Of all the fucking times to wake up kid, this was not it.” She slowed her breath, “She's um, not feeling well. I need to take her to the ER. I'll send someone in to check on you.”

Bobby started crying. “My head hurts.” He was getting louder.

“Be quiet kid!” She snapped, “They'll be here in a minute.” She just wanted him to shut up before she got caught. “Have to move quick.” She hit the call button on the side of his bed and quickly wheeled Karen out of the room and away from where the nurses would be coming from. She was just rounding the corner as she heard the footsteps running toward Bobby's room.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

More WIP

Eris disolved into tears. She had to get away from that computer with that stupid girls. Name on it. She got her shoes on as quickly as her waterlogged eyes would allow then headed downstairs wiping her face with the long sleeve work shirt she hadn't removed. Calliope was still in the kitchen and the kettle whistled as she walked past.

"Would you like a spot of tea dear sister?" She called out to her in a barely passable English accent.

Eris didn't even break her stride and reached for her coat, "No I would not, I'm going out and you are not Brittish you twit."

Unedited....still coming through :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The big garden spider had just finished reworking her web when a green grasshopper became ensnared and messed it all up again. I was sitting next to the girl and we both watched as this beautiful, deadly creature quickly wrapped her victim up for dinner. It was like a split second ballet.

"Calliope," the man in the white coats voice had halted the girls humming. "It's time to go dear."

She turned and set her big grey eyes upon him and cocked her head slightly. "Go?"

"Yes." He replied, holding his hand out to her. "We're going to take you someplace safe."

Calliope looked at the outstretched hand and smiled. "Oh, I'm afraid I'm not allowed out of the house. Sister would be simply furious," Her eyes returned to meet his and she smiled sweetly, "but thank you." She turned back to watching the spider and resumed humming Green Sleeves.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I could live here NO problem! Boston is amazing, so many fabulous restaurants, you can get almost anywhere you want within 20-30 mins and the people are SO nice! My husband and I stopped at a bar called The Plough and Stars in Cambridge (FAB place) and the bartender said that Boston had been voted the meanest city in the US. I ain't buying it, haven't run into a single mean soul yet.

The food, OMG, the food is out of this world! Let me see if I can remember them all...if not there will be another post. Tico was our first stop... Blood orange margaritas to start. Ash had a salmon tartare and fish tacos. I had a mushroom quesadilla with black truffle salsa, it was heavenly! We had lobster rolls at Morse Fish Company in South End. Been there over a hundred years and serves the best damn lobster rolls around at a reasonable price!

Enough about the food just now, I have gotten to hop the commuter train TWICE over to Salem. I honestly never thought I would get the chance to go once.

I had stopped writing this and saved it as a draft....I will do a second half, but I felt this needed to FINALLY be published.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Fever!

As of late I have been on a cooking, baking and creating frenzy. I have created dishes I've always wanted to try, most of them successful. I even have brewed up a small bottle of mead....bigger batch still needs to be brewed this weekend. I've also been drawing and writing....I know it's been a looooong time between books, but don't fret, another is coming. I'm in revamp mode and it can't be fought.

Another change is my store. I was...and still am sort of, with Etsy. My main store is going to be here for now. I have a slight problem with the way Etsy has been running things lately....resellers and copyright infringers are running rampant yet when a seller calls them out, THEY get punished not the wrong doers...WTH? I just don't feel comfortable with clique's, and that's what Etsy has become :( I have moved over to Storenvy, I also feel that I will have a lot more leeway with what I can offer for sale.

So that's what's been going have you all been?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two things...

If you're looking to switch your internet, for the love of Eddie Izzard's sacred shiny patten stilettos...DON'T go with Clear!! Why? Let me count the ways....
Even though we were well within the dark green coverage area....slow service.
Little to no Netflix or you get throttled to .25 mgb or less.
Mediocre to infuriating customer service....seriously, NOT easy to make my husband raise his voice, but alas, Clear were champions at it.
Unless you want to pay around $40 to check your e-mail and surf the internet...don't even think about being able to quickly load videos...go elsewhere. I wouldn't recommend this service to my ex-husband O_O

Anyway, rant over and Clear gone! I've been gathering together some VERY talented authors and we will have a surprise for you in the near future! I'm waiting on a few more replies and we will get going on the decision making....genre, time frame and rough idea of the direction we want to go with the project, but we will all be adding to an ongoing story! The what, when and time frame remains to be seen, but we are all pretty excited. This will be multi author and multi blog, so stay tuned for details!

Later taters!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Big Year.

Been busy with writing....I know, I know....when is the next one coming out? Soon. Now that the writers block, (a dangerous thing for a writer), has broken, things are rolling along nicely. Been working mostly on one but adding to other books as ideas, characters and scenes come to me.

I've also been adding more and more products to my Etsy shop.....would love ya forever if ya buy something! So far I've sold a tarot reading and a commissioned set of Pucas. Today my lockets should be arriving so I can make scrying pendants, (black mirrors). I have a ton of stained glass I still need to do something with as well....but that's neither here nor there at the moment.

Hope everyone is chugging along nicely into the new year!


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