Friday, June 18, 2010


Sorry, but I have to get this off my chest....

I signed up for a service called Square which will allow me to take credit and debit card payments anywhere I go with my phone. As an author this is an ideal service as I had to refuse a few book sales recently because I didn't have the capability to take cards.....I had already signed up for Square at this point....let me explain. You are required to activate a card reader that attaches to your phone via headjack....hadn't received the reader yet and you can't use the service until you activate said reader. After you activate, you can THEN take payments with out the dongle (at a higher rate) but NOT until then.
Some people signed up with Square months (we're talking March & April) ago and are STILL waiting on readers...I've only been waiting since just before the Con Carolina's event. I don't mind waiting a bit because, hey, the dongle is free. My problem is I can't use the service AT ALL until they send me this damn piece of plastic....and NOW when they finally do give us an update on the slow progress of things have told us we need a credit check or we can cancel our service.... doesn't seem to be a choice. I'm pretty sure there is some sort of legal issue with changing the rules midstream but will cross that bridge when they answer the question of whether this is the case or not. A lot of people are canceling their accounts and going with other services such as GoPayment. I may have to go with them as well, but am not sure if my needs warrant a monthly $12.95 bill, (which is WAY reasonable BTW), just yet.

*sigh* I will update you all again as things progress. This is a fledgling company and the services seem awesome IF we ever get the chance to use it...but be warned....their communication is almost NON existent, save for poor Beth who has been thrown to the wolves of the CEO's making and the fact that you can't use it until you get the reader. If you're considering signing up, I would highly recommend waiting to see if this ship sinks or not, because it's REALLY iffy at this point. They launched WAY too early and are pissing off a lot of people right now.

All right I have gotten at least a satisfactory answer on the credit check issue...they always do one and have not done one on anyone yet....but at least there is not a second.



Lexxx said...

See. that sucks. That is definitely something that Tally would need. He's got the same problem with people wanting to buy his books but not having the cash. Grrr... hope it works out!

Author Dorian Wallace said...

We may know soon...if it doesn't work out is my next option. He should look into it....but right now, I wouldn't sign up with Square until they figure out what the heck they're doing.


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