Tuesday, May 18, 2010


geared up for Con Carolinas in a few weeks. So excited to see everyone again and maybe make some new friends. Also done with my respite after Dedicated To You and back to work on other projects. I have so many books to write it almost freezes me up when I sit down to hammer them out.
Later on this year I will be launching my young adult books under another pen name... Penelope Percival Dragonwick. It's been a busy few weeks...finally getting my office in order and trying to spend more and more time working in there rather than the kitchen where there are too many distractions. Also trying to get back in shape....I really need to get back down and into my old clothes. I've cut out the port wine...I do so love it but it does my waistline no favors!
In a few days I should have a copy of my second print book!! DTY was part of the 100% American Beef anthology with Dahlia Rose, Jordyn Tracy, Sabrina Luna and Anastasia Rabiyah and should be available on Amazon.com soon...I will post the link when it's up.

All right my lovelies....back to work!



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