Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ride my see saw.

It has definitely been an up & down kind of week (& a half). Started out with me going to the Dr., (I'm okay). Some crazy woman is trying to extort money out of me...she was paid in full for goods YEARS ago and I'm not the only one she's doing this to. I received a copy of my first print book! Had another release on Sat, (thank you everyone who bought a copy, you rock!). Went with my bestie to pick up her new puppy and got a chance to meet with some dear friends we haven't seen in a while. You need a good ghost story, Tally Johnson is your man! FINALLY found the perfect red hair dye...so far I love it! Hubby was sick most of the weekend so I didn't get to cruise over to Kings mountain for the Beltain Brouhaha to see my friends from NCPCOW. :(
OH, and last night I bought a sample of this to hang on my wall. Growing up in So Cal we visited Disneyland quite often and the Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride, only seconded by Pirates (one of these days I will eat at The Blue Bayou!), in fact New Orleans square has always been my favorite part of the park. Some of you may recognize it as the wallpaper in part of the mansion...mind you, I'm not papering my entire office because it's $75 a roll...but I am going to frame the sample. I found the link on Doombuggies.com
So, how was your week? I didn't get a chance to do a list of my entertainer friends last week, so please come back Friday and check them out!




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