Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Contest!

Your taste caresses my lips like a lover
Beckons me to drink more of your bold rich taste
Your scent stimulates my senses and I shiver with delight
Oh Coffee how you tempt me so!
Do you love coffee as much as we do?
As an author our day starts out with a hot cup of our favorite brew!
And why shouldn't our favorite drink have a sexy face to go along with it?
Enters our sexy Mr. Coffee
Wait we don't have one its up to you to pick him!
Help Dahlia Rose, Jordyn Tracey and Dorian Wallace pick...
Their unofficial yet honorary Mr. Coffee!!
How do you enter?
Well that's easy!
Send us a picture of the guy you think should be Mr. Coffee
He could be anyone, your hubby, your boyfriend, your favorite movie star or just a fantasy man!
Send to
and our panel of Judges will Pick the final three!
When this happens you get to vote on who should be Mr. Coffee.
The winner with the best picture will receive ...
A gift basket filled with coffee surprises, autographed books and so much more!
First round pick will be announced October 18th!
After voting...
The winner will be named October 31st !
Let the games begin!!




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