Monday, July 27, 2009

Mini laptops/netbooks

Here is my dilemma, DH and I share a laptop....when he gets home, I stop my writing and relinquish control over our "third child". My choices are to write on paper, which is fine for the most part, or wait until he is done....leaving me up till sometimes 2 in the morning writing.
I am considering a mini because it's light weight and easily portable....I can put it on the kitchen counter and use it while I'm waiting for the sauce to boil or stick it in my purse and use it at...well, anywhere I want really. The one I have my eye on at the moment is the Acer Aspire One in Sapphire blue w/ Linux....but I have questions, maybe you can help....I would certainly appreciate any advice.

A. Are mini's a good thing for writers?

B. Will Linux interfere with how I send my manuscripts to my publishers?

C. Do any of you have one or would recommend a different mini?

Inquiring minds want to know....HALP! ;)



Solomother said...

I have a Dell Mini 9" and my father bought a 10 inch from another company. His keyboard is almost full sized, and I think that's my only complaint with the mini I have. Too many mistakes typing. But for ease, portability, and convenience, I have no complaints about the netbooks!

Author Dorian Wallace said...

Thank you! That actually rules the Dell out because of the keyboard size. I had narrowed it down to a few choices now....Dell mini, Acer Aspire, Aesus and the MSI Wind. I think I'm leaning more toward the latter, but I'm definitely going to be getting one as soon as the funding is available. ;)
I appreciate the input!

The Blaisdell's said...

Leon and I have a full size Acer. Just FYI acer has been doing laptop style computers for many years and mostly cater to those in business that use their laptops A LOT. ie rough uses. Most of their customers are companies that issue laptops to their sales employee's. We have found that our acer has taken A LOT of abuse and is still kicking. We have family members that have gotten lappy's from other companies and don't hold up near as well.

Just my two cents. LOL


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