Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I received my Blu Cigarette in the mail today. So far I am loving it!!! My lungs are already feeling better, I don't stink, I can lay on my bed and "smoke" or rather, what the kiddies are calling it, Vape. In fact, I just took a drag as I'm writing.
Here's my run down....
I smoke menthol, this is a bit sweeter than what I'm used to but comparable enough to suffice. Haven't tried the other flavors yet (Java, Vanilla, Cherry).
The drag/ vapor is almost the same as a regular cig; you even get the warm sensation that a traditional cigarette gives off, to a slightly lesser degree. You can even blow smoke rings if you're so inclined, or unlike myself, capable of!
I like the fact that you don't have to consume an entire cigarette to get your fix.You can take a quick drag and stick it back in your pocket or put it down.
I used it in the grocery store!!!
I used it while laying on the bed talking to...Dahila, Rochelle and my parents!!!

I must say I am certainly impressed! The benefits certainly outweigh the negatives (it's a bit heavier in weight and it's not a cigarette).

Weird synchronicity; I bought this on Sat, my friend Rochelle bought one today...we had been talking about it and wondering weather to bring it up to Morgan because she smokes cloves and we hadn't seen that flavor. Well, Ro calls me up this evening to inform me that Morgan bought one on Sat (different brand) and that they both love it...she got the chocolate flavor. We all used to be neighbors until hubby and I bought the house...Ro and Morgan still live there...we're all witches as well and I tell you when the three of us get together powerful things happen. Once Dahlia has her little boy, all four of us need to get together to see what happens!!

So....anyway....if you're looking to quit but can't....I highly suggest purchasing an electronic cigarette. Mine is from here... but do your research, there are plenty of brands out there. I like the look and feel of Blu, I got the black's a little shorter than a 100 sized cig but slightly longer than a king.

So yeah...I'm off. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!



Ginger said...

These really are the greatest for cutting back on traditional cigarette smoking. I have already cut my smoking in half. This is saving me a ton of money also.
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