Sunday, January 24, 2010


So, I am racing to finish Squall by Thursday *muses be kind to me* and I just wanted to give you guys a little piece of what I wrote last night. A little back ground info; Harkin is a kelpie and Vanora is a this scene they have come into the town of Dundee Scotland......

He knew she was hiding something, but decided to let it go. A ball came rolling toward them and Harkin bent down to catch it only to see a small child chasing after it. “Is this yours?” He handed the ball to him.

The little toe headed boy looked up at Harkin, “Yessir. This is my favorite ball, me granny gave it to us and it's small and bouncy and it's shiny too. I love it more than me other ball cause that one was green and I don't really like green.” He stopped to take a deep breathe then turned and looked at Vanora. “Hi, what's yer name, my name is Billy, I'm five years old and I have a puppy named Paddington. He's a good dog except for when he wees on the floor, but he keeps me company and sleeps on my bed. He chewed up my green ball and that's why Granny got us this red ball but its okay cause I didn't like the green ball anyway. Hey, you have chips. Can I have one?”

Vanora looked at Billy as if he were going to bite her, then slowly took a chip and gingerly handed it to him. “Ta. I love chips, not as much as I love ice cream or chocolate or crisps, but chips are great. I like mine especially with vinegar on them, do you ever eat yours with vinegar?”

“Billy, you come her and stop bothering those nice people.” A larger female version of the boy came running up to them with a mix of anger and apology on her face. “I'm so sorry, he sometimes slips away. I think I may need a leash for him.” She grabbed the boy by the arm. “Come on child.”

Vanora's face brightened, “A leash is a good idea. That's what they put those small furry noisy things on right?”

Harking elbowed her and smiled at the woman who was now looking back at them disapprovingly. “She was just joking Maam.”

I had fun with these paragraphs....for all the non British speakers....chips are fries and crisps are chips.




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